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Hello my name is Kathryn Teepla, I am 37 and here is my story on my struggle with Tinnitus and how I completely cured the constant ringing in my ears.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. This is not the average depression, this is the sort of depression that causes suicidal thought. And trust me, I was  once at the point of no return but somehow managed to get by. The depression went undetected for quite some time, probably 3 years or so. My psychiatrist prescribed several different types of anti-depressants and in varying doses.

I have been on anti-depressants for almost 5 yrs now and slowly getting better day by day. After reducing the anti-depressant dosage, I started to notice a loud constantly pulsating ringing in my ears and it was driving me crazy especially in quiet places. All I could hear was a constant ringing and that really affected my hearing. I thought I was going deaf! Treating the ear ringing with prescription medication did not help and in fact it only worsened the ringing. The ringing was so bad that it completely consumed my life and everything I did and I had problems concentrating anything. It was hard to keep a train of thought without being disturbed by the noise in my ears.

I searched the Internet of course and it is full of information on this problem and most of the information is useless. I could not find any reliable reports or sources of information to treat my tinnitus. Although, there are many treatments available and most work to a certain extent but none cured my ringing completely. The ringing would return as soon as I stopped using the treatment or the cure were temporary. I did my own research to find the solution that’s right for me and after trial-and-error and I discovered that the treatment method depends on the root cause of the ringing. The treatment for an older person whose cause may be aging may not be the right solution for someone in their twenties or thirties whose cause may be excessive exposure to loud noise.

It was difficult to fathom living with the ringing in my ears for the rest of my life and there was nothing to treat the ringing permanently. Finally I stumbled on an ebook that documented the simple step-by-step. That ebook is called Tinnitus Miracle.

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